STARTER DECK: Kaiba – Reloaded

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The original Dueling Legends get their Decks updated in Yugi – Reloaded and Kaiba – Reloaded Starter Decks. Each 50-card Deck features that character’s favorite cards and is tuned to provide easy learning of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME. Fans will love roleplaying and Dueling with their hero’s Deck just like on TV! These Starter Decks were designed to be evenly matched and provide a fun and entertaining jumping-off point for new Duelists. With the ongoing popularity of the original TV series, fans with fond nostalgia have been asking for a modern revamp and their cries have been heard with the Yugi – Reloaded and Kaiba – Reloaded Starter Decks.


Each Starter Deck contains:

49 Common Cards
1 Ultimate Rare Card,
1 Beginner’s Guide, 1 Dueling Guide, and
1 Game Mat



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