Game of Thrones 3D Mask and Wall Mount: House Stark Direwolf

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  • Формат: Мека корица44 страни
  • Димензии: 30.3 x 1.6 x 26.7 cm
  • Јазик: Англиски
  • Издавач: Carlton Books Ltd

Honour the noble houses of Westeros, and warn others of the coming winter with the official Game of Thrones 3D Mask & Wall Mount series. Using Wintercroft’s fantastic 3D poly-style mask designs, take these iconic house sigils and create easy-to-make masks to either wear, or mount on your wall as trophies. The Starks say that Winter is coming – show that you’re preparing for the cold too with this fantastic mount, perfect for any Game of Thrones fan’s home.


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